First Children at SCC Children's home


    Debra Mumbe is the sister to Ken Mwanzia , she is 6 years old. She and her brother were rescued by the local government administration chief to smile community Centre. She is in pre-unit and will go to standard 1 next year.

    Debra Mumbe
    Class : Pre-Unit

    I come from Uyoma- Kayasakwa village and my sister is Sharon. My uncle is the one who used to give us support after our parents died. I have 3 other siblings behind me. I am happy to be a smile because they give us support to study, clothes and food. We also have visitors who support us.

    Mary Auma
    Class : Standard 3

    My name is Judith Atieno,I am 17 years old and have five siblings. I come from a family of two mothers and one father. I was rescued by smile community Centre from Uyoma, Nyangoge village in western Kenya. After my parents died of HIV,I lived with my grandmother who was supported by my uncle, a fisherman. Living with my grandmother, I had a challenge in education due to poverty, I had no one to pay for my school fees. I got 300 marks in my KCPE and there was no money to further my education. A friend who knew our family back in the village brought me to the city to work so that I can get money to go to school but smile took me in so that I can be supported to complete my education. I am now studying in secondary school in form 2 and I hope to complete my secondary education soon. I would like to thank Madam Maggy for supporting me and other children in the Centre

    Judith Atieno
    Class : Form II

    My name is Ken Mwanzia ,I am 13 years old in standard 6.We are 3 children in our family. Both My parents died of Tuberculosis so we lived with my grandmother in the village. We were rescued by the local chief to smile community Centre while suffering with my grandmother. Life was very difficult for us, we couldn’t have regular meal or go to school. I am happy to find a home at smile children’s home where we go to school and have meals. Thank you very much for giving us support.

    Ken Mwanzia
    Class : Standard 6

    My name is Sharon Achieng. I come from Uyoma – Kanyasakwa Village .I come from a family of 12 children from my father and 2 mothers. My elder sister used to beat us when our parents died. We lived with our grandmother and she is very old to take care of us. I was schooling in Morita Academy in class 3.My uncle was the one who used to give support to our family .We were brought to Nairobi City my aunt called Kadogo who brought us to Smile Community Centre. Here we found other children who’se parents died but now we have our mother maggy who gives support to us and also visitors who visit us and give us food and clothes. I am very happy to find a home and a place to go to school.

    Sharon Achieng
    Class : Standard 3

    My father abandoned me and my sister when my mother is often very sick. We come from a poor family. We knew Madam Maggy so one day we told her of our challenges. We couldn’t go to school and life was very difficult for us. After listening to our story she came home and spoke to my mother then we were rescued into the Centre by her and now we study and have clothes things we couldn’t have at home. I thank smile for rescuing us

    Laurence Mwema
    Class : Form II

    I am 12 years old. I was taken to the centre by Madam Maggy. I come from a family of 7 children. We stay with my mother who washes clothes for a living. She is not able to educate all of us. I was taken into the centre after many months of not going to school. I am happy to be at the centre where we go to school and get education. We also get food and clothes at the Centre. Sometimes I’m also given some food and clothes to give my mother and siblings

    Ruth Nafula
    Class : Standard 6

    I’m 15 years old.I came to the centre with my brother Laurence after being rescued by Madam Maggy.I couldn’t continue with my school but now I am happy to study and live with others at the Centre. I thank Smile for helping my mother and us.

    Purity Minoo
    Class : Form1

    My name is Viana Aoko I am 13 years old. I was staying with my parents in the village .I was rescued to smile community Centre because I was not able to go to school because my parents are often sick and poor. I am now able to attend school and I want to help my parents in future

    Viana Aoko
    Class : Standard 7