Smile Community Centre Children's Home Kenya


    Harmony and Jane Visited the Centre
    Harmony and Jane from USA who visited Children at the Centre

    Just like food, shelter is one of the basic physiological needs a human being needs to grow both mentally and physically. Without this, that person is being denied one of the pathways to their growth. Provision of safety is key to human growth.

    Smile community children home, located in the informal settlements of Kayole-Soweto in the eastlands of Nairobi has become a safe haven for vulnerable children in the informal settlements, who are mostly left alone orphaned by HIV & AIDS. The center runs with support of well-wishers .

    It started in the house of Margret and later in rooms made of iron sheets hosting 9 children and 9 other children referred to other homes due to lack of enough space and facilities.The children at the centre used kerosene lamps to study at night. 

    Children reading using kerosene lamps at night
    On the left,informal settlement of Kayole, On the right smile children reading using kerosene lamps at night in the old centre

    Through support from well-wishers, we  moved the centre to a better housing for  the   centre at Soweto.The Centre now hosts and supports 25 children where we still we refer others to other children homes due to lack of enough space and facilities. The place is however faced with challenges,where we have tenants living there and running businesses within the premises,which is not very conducive for the children.


    On the left,the new home,on the right,Margret with children at the centre

    We have managed to find a place for lease with abandoned houses,which needs repair,through the support from Harmony,Jane,Mark and Peter, we have embarked on renovating the place,where the children will have bigger space and room for expansion.We need more support to complete the repair of the place and to install electricity.

     Construction site smile
    The  leased plot and the abandoned rooms which need repairs

    The centre is located in the eastlands of Nairobi at soweto, opposite shillo community primary and secondary school. You can connect from donholm using savanna road and stop at jacaranda stage where you can be picked to the centre.

    We are getting a lot of requests from the local police station and people in the community to host and support more vulnerable children but due to lack of enough space and sustainable donor program, we are not able to take in many children , we are networking with other children orphanages in Nairobi to refer these children there.

    Our dream is to have enough space to comfortably accommodate and support more ,have a community school and hospital for the centre.

    The pressing needs at the centre

    • Rental Payment for accomodation 
    • School fees, all the children need education and currently the centre does not enough regular support for the education program. The Centre relies on donations from friends and income generating art works
    • Beddings

    What you can support

    • Food items
    • Prayers
    • Volunteering your skills
    • Clothing
    • School Stationery (Books, pens among others)
    • School fees

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