HIV&AIDS Support

    Smile Community Center Advocates for equal rights of PLHIV by providing counseling, referrals and education.

    According to the Inventory of HIV&AIDS Research and Evaluation Studies (2005-2011) released by  the government of Kenya under National Aids Control Council,  In 2007, 67% of the 33 million people who were living with HIV were in sub-Saharan Africa ,where women bear the greater burden.

    In the informal settlements of Nairobi, Most women and children affected by HIV&AIDS are left displaced by the circumstances and are afraid of stigma and discrimination.

    Smile community center identified this problem and came in to give support to this vulnerable groups.

    Group therapies are held for the special needs of all members in the community to enhance psychological care .The target groups are:

    • Abused women and children
    • Drug addicts
    • Ex juvenile delinquents
    • Youth in general
    • PLHIV(People living with HIV)

    Our long term plan is to hold regular group therapies and HIV/AIDS education to youth, women and men. Currently, group therapies are held once in a month due to lack of funding.