Our Goals

    Mission and Vision Banner

    Our Mission

    To promote self-reliance, education and well being of marginalized children,women and youth in the informal settlements.

    Our vision

    To see a community free of illiteracy, lack of sustainable income and poor health.

    Our Objectives

    • To create awareness on HIV&AIDS , stigma and discrimination.
    • To offer training in hygiene, environmental management, skill and technical training.
    • To offer counseling to specific interests (HBC etc.),medication & referral, food & nutrition support
    • To empower people in the community realize their own potential through income generating activities e.g. beadwork, artwork and small business.
    • To create an environment where people understand the importance of proper nutrition and good health through home based care programs.
    • To support needy orphaned children through a rescue center for the vulnerable.
    • To promote prevention of mother to child transmission and maternal newborn and child healthcare awareness trainings among women to reduce infant mortality rates.
    • To promote exchange programs between smile community and other organizations both.
    • local and international through facilitating capacity building, sharing of ideas and cultural experiences.
    • To provide psychological support through counseling to the youth and women.
    • To nature and develop talent through sports and games.
    • To advocate for human rights and the right to live positively.

    Smile’s Strategic Long Term Objectives

    We are looking forward to implement our long term plans as soon as we get sustainable donor funding as listed below.


    Smile community aims at mobilizing more communities in various provinces in Kenya by opening more centers in long term.

    Outdoor Activities

    Environmental awareness as part of smiles objectives is set to be conducted in large scale by involving other organizations. Mobilization through outdoor trainings and workshops to be diverse to different regions away from a home set up as they remain to be part of smiles programs.