• Visiting Smile Community Centre Childrens home Kenya
    • Equal rights for people living with hiv and aids
    • Giving a smile to needy children in the slums

    Giving Hope to Vulnerable Children in informal Settlements of Nairobi,Kenya

    Smile community centre children home, located in the informal settlements of Kayole-Soweto in the eastlands of Nairobi has become a safe haven for vulnerable children in the informal settlements, who are mostly left alone orphaned by HIV & AIDS. The center runs with support of well-wishers and volunteers.

    It started in the house of Margret,founder of SCC and later in rooms made of iron sheets hosting 9 children and 9 others referred to other homes due to lack of enough space and facilities.The children at the centre used kerosene lamps to study at night.Through support from well-wishers, we  moved the centre to a permanent house at Soweto.The Centre now supports 25 children  Read More....

    Margret,Founder,Smile Community Centre walking with childrenMargret,Founder of SCC with children at Soweto

    Education of children

    Educating  OVC's in the slums

    Education is light to all people in the world, which helps them in their future life, in the informal
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    Feeding program at smile community centre

    Feeding Program

    The feeding program is carried once in a while for the community members mainly women and children.
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    Hiv and Aids support group therapy

    HIV/AIDS Support

    Smile Community Center Advocates for equal rights of PLHIV by providing counseling
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    Supporting Talent

    Physical activity is good for a child’s growth both physically and mentally. Even half an
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